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The pixelated things that are keeping my avi from digital hypothermia right now


The stuff you may or may not have wanted to know about me (why DID you come here?)

I'm 19 and currently attending CSU but with hopes to attend UGA in the future. I live in Colunbus, GA. I'm an atheist, so please don't get preachy, because I won't... unless you ask me to. I'm bi, but with a strong preference for the fairer sex. You may have noticed under interests that I'm into bondage, D/s and a little S and M. I'm a sadist/ dominant, but I would like the uneducated masses to know that that does not mean I'm a rapist, murderer, or any other immediate conception associated with the term sadist. I am, in fact, quite gentle and reserved most of the time. I like to think of myself as somewhat intelligent (no common sense though). I usually don't talk around new people, but I tend to ramble around friends. I like to meet new people and I'd love to burn one down with you any time, if you happen to be in the area.

Enjoy this rocking music yah moochers

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I don't want your damn comments, but you'll put them anyway

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Absinthe Effect Report | 02/19/2010 6:07 am
Absinthe Effect
Absinthe Effect Report | 06/16/2009 6:49 pm
Absinthe Effect
hey, whats up? you don't answer your phone anymore >.<
Absinthe Effect Report | 05/28/2009 1:57 pm
Absinthe Effect
OY! Sparky, whatcha doing? ^_^
Dumbesque Report | 03/26/2009 12:01 am
User Image
Absinthe Effect Report | 01/15/2009 5:11 pm
Absinthe Effect
Then an even greater force emerged....the UN and they came and UNnazied the world ^_~
Dumbesque Report | 10/23/2008 4:36 am
This episode is also dedicated to the men and women of Columbia University, whose tireless efforts to create a race of super beings continues undaunted.


Absinthe Effect Report | 09/17/2008 3:04 pm
Absinthe Effect
Be truthful you are not located in a "SEA of intolerance, ignorance, and stupidity" you are located in a "cesspool of intolerance, ignorance, and stupidity"

Dumbesque Report | 09/13/2008 8:18 pm
word of wisdom :


Arte forevermore Report | 08/01/2008 12:33 am
Arte forevermore
soooooooooooooooooo wat u up to? im REALLY BORD!!!!! GAH

shoot me please
Dumbesque Report | 07/31/2008 5:01 pm
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A very special quote that I beg you to think deeply about (especially you nosey ********)

"Nobody knows about themselves 'cuas they're all worried about everybody else"

Amaia the damned
Pussified Whipcream
Absinthe Effect
Arte forevermore

You can't rape the willing

haha I am SOOO bored

Cutters are just masochists in denial

Glompification- alization!

Kaeos is in Control.

Houws mie speling? (splng?)