Friends simply call me "King", no need to include the exclamation mark.
Feel free to call me that as well. I'm more used to it than anything else on here.

I am currently a Forum Assistant for the following forums:
|| Avatar Talk || The Dressing Room || Avatar Arena ||
|| Gaia Towns || Game Item Exchange || Gaia Homes ||
|| Guilds Network || The Crew Lounge || Word Games ||
|| The Exchange || Entertainment Discussion || Super Smash Bros. ||

If you need any assistance with forum rule clarification or need your topic moved from any of these forums, PM me! =)

I consider myself a kind and helpful Gaian. I'm happy to answer any questions someone may have relating to how things work around here. I've been around for over 12 years now so I like to think I've caught on pretty well...

As for the guy behind the avatar... ninja

I'm 28 years old and I live the mountains of North Carolina. I work as an Assistant Store Manager of my local McDonald's. Somehow with my busy schedule I still manage to spend a pretty decent amount of time on Gaia each day. I'm always open to making new friends or acquaintances so feel free to send me a guild invite or comment here in my profile!