Friends here simply call me "King", no need to include the exclamation mark.
Feel free to call me that as well. I'm more used to it than anything else on here.

I USED TO BE a Forum Assistant for the following forums:
|| Avatar Talk || The Dressing Room || Avatar Arena ||
|| Gaia Towns || Game Item Exchange || Gaia Homes ||
|| Guilds Network || The Crew Lounge || Word Games ||
|| The Exchange || Entertainment Discussion || Super Smash Bros. ||

If you need any assistance with forum rule clarification or need your topic moved from any of these forums, PM a Forum Assistant! =) lol

I consider myself a kind and helpful Gaian. I'm happy to answer any questions someone may have relating to how things work around here. I've been around for over 15 years now so I like to think I've caught on pretty well...

As for the guy behind the avatar... ninja

I'm 33 years old and I live the mountains of North Carolina. I work as a manager in fast food. I also perform as a drag king amongst an amazing group of talented individuals locally. With my busy schedule I grew distant to the routine of spending time on Gaia each day. Changing that is a slow trickle but as usual I love editing my avatar so I'll pop on for that often enough. I'm always open to making new friends or acquaintances so feel free to send me a guild invite or comment here in my profile to get my attention!