You can call me "Junk" for short. I will make you laugh. I love talking and giving advice when its needed, so if you have a problem, hit me up. I'm very pessimistic (a better word would be "realistic" in my opinion), but that doesn't mean I can't give good advice. I am an atheist. I have no problem with religion, as long as it's not pushed in my face. Religion, to me, is simply a means of happiness for the people that choose to follow it. I have a logical view of the world. I am single; however I plan to remain that way. I'm too happy with the way things are to screw it up by jumping into another relationship. BLEH. I have a 1-year-old daughter and I love her to death. She's pretty much the only thing in this world that can soften my heart of stone. I'm a huge dork. I play Magic: The Gathering pretty competitively, although I have never played in a big event. I also often play on Xbox LIVE (Gamertag: Junkyard G0D). I love listening to music of many varieties; it really depends on my mood. I'm finally getting back into sketching; nothing serious... just sketches. I'm the most loyal friend you will ever have. I love my dogs (2 German Shepherds, Willow and Jenny). I think that's enough for now, but If I missed anything, feel free to simply ask me. See you out there... heart