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Last Login: 10/02/2010 9:22 pm

Location: Frisco, Tx

Birthday: 04/03/1987

Occupation: Student


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I want to become a computer animator for Pixar, but also would like to become a culinary artist. I also have a entertaining talent in voice immitations xD So I would also like to be a voice actor as well. I love gaming, preferably anything that will scare the wits out of me. For example, I'm OBSESSED with Bioshock xD I'm not too much of an artist, but I do like to draw from time to time. Oh, and I love Animes and all that stuff xD Code Geass being my all time favorite xD There, pretty much it, or I'm just to lazy to go on xD


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Awkward Ewok Report | 06/13/2014 4:09 am
Awkward Ewok
BioShock FTW! dramallama
s1lverb0a Report | 07/11/2010 9:06 pm
Sorry that I had to send this message. Since Gaia has recently become very popular, has become the many complaints that Gaia has become unacceptably slow. The report shows that the reason is that Gaia has a number of non-active members and, secondly, many new Gaia members.
We want to send this message to see whether you're active members or not. If you're active, can you send this message to at least 10-15 users. Use the "Copy - Cut and Paste" to show that you are still active. Those who do not send this message within 2 weeks in, will be removed in order to get more space.
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Trickster Francis Report | 06/20/2010 8:07 pm
Trickster Francis
-is on other account-
;D lol hello
and yes I already knew you were on deviantart xD
teo12345 Report | 06/13/2010 11:12 pm
nun much : chattin wit people on dis game
teo12345 Report | 06/13/2010 9:38 pm
Hey! Wuzzup my furry friend??
Jarblewocky Report | 05/10/2010 11:45 pm
-sneak sneak sneak-
;P (( I know Silver lol, kinda introduced him to deviantart.. I was the funny dog who's head got stuck in a flower xD ))
iRorschach Report | 02/18/2010 4:30 am
o- o
iRorschach Report | 02/16/2010 9:25 am
. . . . -gives craking metal sound-
Ikara Emberhawk Report | 01/18/2010 6:48 pm
Ikara Emberhawk
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No, I need to tell Lauren to get on that Dx
Ikara Emberhawk Report | 01/18/2010 10:23 am
Ikara Emberhawk
User Image
Me and lauren just had a funny idea, so I made this avatar after it. x3

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