Its ALL Me

I am Josi, I'm a 20 year old mother of two. other then that I'm not much to talk about. I have short brown hair, and hazel eyes and I'm a stay at home mom1`. My favorite colors are the color of bruises and blood Black, Blue, and Red. I'm a pretty big b***h when you piss me off so do yourself a favor and don't piss me off. Any who I'm pretty much a punk, goth girl that lives in a family full of hicks and gangsters, in a cow town in southwester New Mexico. Though of course my cousins Joie and Kitty aren't that bad, were only related by marriage sadly...
As I said previously I am a mother of 2, I married the father of my youngest about 10 months ago, two weeks before we found out I was pregnant.
My oldest is almost 3 and my youngest is just over a month old. I share joint custody with the father of my oldest, her name is Angel Rayne. My husband and I are childhood friends and our daughter's name Zelda Payge.