Jogen no San

Real name is Tsukiya. 26 years old male, Bisexual, Half American/Japanese, loves anime and manga's; have a strong hate upon narcissist people. Want to be friends with me? I don't mind, sadly I am not much of a person who socialites a lot because I enjoy gaming on my free-time. User Image

I hope to learn more about this website. It's pretty cool so far and I like it because there's cosplay on here. Since I love Kimetsu no Yaiba and Akaza is my favorite character, I decided to crackship with Rivulets because she's cute and such a yandere gaia_sakura

No Rivu and I are not dating, she's my precious little Starlight who makes my troubles go away just from laughter! If you don't deserve her laughter, kindly leave her alone. Trust me, I will know. *Devious Winks*

Any-who, thanks for visiting my profile. Like to chat? Leave me a comment. Want to give this brute a try? Comments are the only acceptation.
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To me, It's not about the placement. It's about how much people loved my hard work on my cosplay. But it's nice to know I placed top 10!