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About me: Jina.

Well, Hello there =B
Stuff I like to do - I love reading, writing, drawing, drumming, listeing to music, photography, laughing, giggling, watching hockey, and playing softball. I like to say, "What the crap?" and "Sick," I'm learning how to speak Espanol, so if you want to talk to me in Spanish go ahead.. just well.. I may not know exactly what you are saying.
Music? I listen to the music that I LIKE. I don't care if anyone else likes it or not, though I would like to have some one to geek out with.. about music. I have been to a lot of concerts for my age.. Heart, Greenday/Bravery, Alice in Chains, Nickleback/Three Days Grace/Buckcherry. Most people have never heard of a lot of the things on my ipod. I play drumset, and am in the school band (Yes I'm a band nerd!). I listen to rock, hard rock, classic rock, alt rock, indie rock. Basically everything I listen to is a form of rock.
How Would I Describe Myself? I am a loud, bubbly kind of person who will be nice to everyone until I learn who is annoyed by me and then like never talk to them again. I have curly brown hair, and blue eyes. I get really tan in the summer and I never burn. My friends look to me for advise and I look to them also. I'm pretty tall for my age. People really like to play with my hair when I am not looking. My friends are freaks but they are mine.
Shout outs - Aubrey, Gemma, Allana. <333

Ok, for quotes I like and bands I like and other crap.. also known as a journel.. click... here


tv. NCIS, Medium, Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Ghost Hunters, AFV, That 70's Show, Ghost Whisperer, EM:HE, Tin Man, Doctor Who.

movies. Matilda, Inception, 500 Days of Summer, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Romeo and Juliet, Despicable Me, Elf.

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Jina Everlong
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