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Hello and welcome! heart

Q: JigglypuffVEVO...?
A: Jigglypuff's singing puts people to sleep, so it doesn't make much sense to have an entire Youtube VEVO channel dedicated to Jigglypuff's music! Unless it's to help people with insomnia. Haha it's a (poor) joke on my part. sweatdrop

Q: Is this your main account?
Yes and no. This was my main account until I stopped Gaia ~2010. In ~2015, there were issues with hackers trying to get into my account, as well as Gaia's customer service not letting me log onto my account (they were being idiots), and so I started a new account for safety. I still log onto to this account periodically because it has all of my zOMG stats and old forum posts / guild memberships.

Q: You've been on Gaia since ~2006. Why are you back??
A: Good question!! Well for one, I'm not "back." I sometimes log on here and there to look back on old times. The Gaia Glory Days, if you will. Sometimes I go on zOMG to talk with people and to see what's changed. (Though let's be real, it doesn't seem like much ever changes here?)

Q: Can I message you / Are you open to friend requests?
A: I don't see why not! Though it may take me a long time to get back to you, since I don't get on here often.

I last updated this journal in 2008. Don't judge.

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mY tOyBoX

mah toybox. noooo touchy.


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thecaptstarks Report | 02/22/2015 12:57 pm
Love your profile! Total nerd over here too! Talk to you soon! Peace Love XOXO
Youve Been Loki-d Report | 06/01/2012 7:39 pm
Youve Been Loki-d
Oh thank you! c:
I love your username, too.
I actually just finished watching the second season of Doctor Who. crying
MadamedeLaValliere Report | 05/31/2012 2:04 pm
Thank you! and thanks for buying! emotion_bigheart
MusiqueMonstre Report | 02/18/2012 5:42 am
Oh, I'm fine! whee
What about you?~

And yes, it's always great to find people with similar interests <3
MusiqueMonstre Report | 02/06/2012 4:59 pm
OMG, the first Whovian/Sherlockian I've ever met on Gaia! heart
I'm Mari whee and I'm a Whovian and a Sherlockian as well~

... and I just wanted to say hi sweatdrop
X-rAiNb0w-MuFfIn-CaKeS-X Report | 01/20/2012 3:39 pm
Apparently you haven't maxed out your rings.
I think you can get up to, like, a 12 or 15 or something.
B/c there was a glitch in the EB, so they had to make the higher CL
available for everyone. The thing is that you have to buy something for
about 700 gaia cash. (7/8 REAL dollars. That's absurd.)

And yeah, it really doesn't change. That's why you have to go away for a while and
then come back.
X-rAiNb0w-MuFfIn-CaKeS-X Report | 01/16/2012 4:53 pm
You're so right.

And not really.
But if you're I'll get on
just to re-live old times.

The quality of people there has declined SO much.
X-rAiNb0w-MuFfIn-CaKeS-X Report | 01/16/2012 2:28 pm
I got hooked again too.

Not sure how long it's gonna
be until I get sick of it again, though.
We'll see.
X-rAiNb0w-MuFfIn-CaKeS-X Report | 01/14/2012 3:31 pm
Hey woman.
You still on gaia?
a blunt object Report | 01/06/2011 4:34 pm
a blunt object
Happy birthday haha (: Wish you the best
Chibi Sakura-San
Pi Addict