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Total Value: 8,139,946 Gold
After Exclusions: 7,784,425 Gold
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Item List:
Class Headphones
White Body Dye
Black Nosey Face Tattoo
Gogh Reed
Black Paw Print Arm Tattoo
Dapper Black Captain's Hat
Midnight Gothic Bat Boots
Checkered Nightmare
Celebrity Snare Justin Timberlake's Microphone
Inari's Beads
Inari's Beads

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I <3 Avi Art (Draw my dream avi please)

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Thx Panic Pie
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Thx P I N K D O N U T

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Thx Nayoko The Kitten

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I saw it and loved it =^.^=

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Vanity Portrait Report | 07/07/2010 6:18 pm
Vanity Portrait
happy birthday! i believe thats today
Vanity Portrait Report | 06/23/2010 2:33 am
Vanity Portrait
adio like warm
Vanity Portrait Report | 06/23/2010 2:32 am
Vanity Portrait
O.O atlest i would be warm, no???
Vanity Portrait Report | 06/23/2010 2:28 am
Vanity Portrait
yeah araku did it for me, i cant seem to make one that isent girly that i can pull off :/ its either girly and cute, or it doesnt fit >.> and there went what little pride i had... *sulks*
Vanity Portrait Report | 06/23/2010 2:26 am
Vanity Portrait
Vanity Portrait Report | 06/23/2010 2:22 am
Vanity Portrait
lol nice ^^ i had a friend do my avi since when i did mine i looked like a whore :/ my boyfriend liked it XD but thats not really a a surprise
Vanity Portrait Report | 06/23/2010 2:19 am
Vanity Portrait
haha nice ^^ did you do that, or was the hacker still on your account???
Skeletal Soul Report | 06/22/2010 7:39 pm
Skeletal Soul
lol! Nice. xD
Skeletal Soul Report | 06/22/2010 7:26 pm
Skeletal Soul
I'm glad they didn't take anything. *nodnod*
Oh, wow. At least it was almost banned... :/
Skeletal Soul Report | 06/22/2010 7:21 pm
Skeletal Soul
Hacked? That sucks. D:


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Upon the Boiling Sea Pt. I

Behold a speeding shape
A ship upon the waves
Racing swift as death
torment from the pits of hell
in seas where pirates dwell
the armada sets its course
shadowed by skull and cross-boned force
the crow's nest spots the flag
the captain's plans have hit a snag
with your lives, defend the gold
in a fire fight yet to unfold
opposing ships steered side by side
fear on the bridge is realized
cannons blaze in wood they blast
the spanish ship is sinking fast
raiders board the ship
plunder all their gold
as they're lunging for the kill
their riches will be ours
take no prisoners
leave no man alive
for the ransacking awaits
the decks awash with blood
fight to the death
there is no other way
honour will say
that captain's duel on the plank
when all are dead and all is won
theres riches here to steal
bodies scattered by the waves
for sharks do make their meal in flesh
rain begins to fall
their gold becomes out wealth
as they sink into the sea
no mercy for the rich
we wash their blood
from out bounty gold
we feast tonight
we're heading due west
for the secret island port
the plunder divides
but give a piece to the sea
when madness of the fever grips and greed is taking hold
nothing can ever cure your thirst except for rum and gold

Upon the Boiling Sea Pt. II

lord of the storm rides in the eyes, eye of the hurricane
lord of the storm rides in the eye, in the eye of hell
rider on the night and ruler of the damned
damnation creeps upon everyone, a sense of fatal warning
within the crew theres treachery, a mutiny is brewing
the first mate draws his cutlass forth, towards the captain challenging a duel
youve sentenced us to a watery grave, this ship will sink into the sea
a brutal sotrm is on the rise, wrath of an angered deity
batten down the hatches for a struggle that will take all of our lives
none shall live to tell the tale of this wretched night
terror of the seven seas, Lord of the sotrm spreads like disease
unlike anything seen before, the Lord of the storm
behold the wrath the skies unleash
until we're dead it shall not cease
the gods have made their judgement call
and it spells certain death
the captains mind cannot be swayed
hed rather die than give away
all of the treasure chests below
to the grip of the unforgiving deep
blinding lightning sears the flesh
raindrops fall like musketball
piercing skin, wood, steel and bone
all aboard will pay
the captain surfaces for air amongst the torrent nightmare
latching to a piece of the hull, destructions everywhere
no more survivors from the blast, the ship drifts beneath the waves
the master coasts fo hours, before the storm begins to wane
an albatross flies overhead, a sign that land is near
an island spotted in the distance, maybe the torment is at an end
rain is gone, but doom is near, a shadows on his heart
immortality is his, salted tears will drench his days
the captains lost upon the seas
penance for his icked deeds
cheated by his crew and God
as he floats and waits to drown
he has no clue what lies ahead
a deadly isle for him to dread
he thinks he can rebuild his life
set sail to conquer the sea again
as he touches his feet upon the sandy shore
the sun will rise once more
lord of the storm rides in the eye, eye of the hurricane
lord of the storm rides in the eye, in the of Hell
rider on the night, ruler of the damned

Upon the Boiling Sea Pt. III

kiss the sand, praising the dry land he has found
everywhere on shore theres trasure all around
bury deep the horded loot far down below
no man or god will ever take away the plunder
he will find a cave to hide away the gold
doomed to a desert isle
all of the riches in his hands
no living thing around
but he will never leave the cave
alone with bounty gold
something compels him to stay
heaven or hell, time will tell
the captain thinks what will come of this
if this is the end, the gold must die with me
delving underground, to his dismay
the captain finds a curse
the isle of eternal despair, to spend eternity alone
the isle of eternal despair, with gold beyond his dreams
what a sight thats sitting right before his eyes
anceint spoils of the pirates of the past
skeletons are sheathed in gold by candlelight
hunger sets buts he will guard the jewels forever
now hes punished by the gods
forever pondering his greed
but hes doomed to eternal life
as a golden skeleton
the isle of eternal despair, doomed as his flesh begins to rot
the isle of eternal despair, knowing he'll never really die
as he decays into living, golden bones
eyes open watching for the rest of his life

Upon the Boiling Sea
By: 3 Inches of Blood

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