Welcome to my forest

The Children play
At hide and seek
About the monument
To speke.
And why should the dead
Explorer mind
Who has nothing to seek
And nothing to find?

-Humbert Wolfe

Name: Jesti Trositi

Species: Cryptopsthenis nondescriptis. Also known as a Hidebehind! What's a Hidebhind? You know.. that moment when you're wandering out in the woods and you swear somethings behind you. Waiting to pounce! You can hear it! Breathing down your neck. But when you turn around.. Nothing! Yep that's me! #1 Hidebehind in all of Gaia.

It's dark outside. There are shadows dancing around on the edges of your vision. But you're alone. Or you think you are. Whose there..?

"Well hello hello!" A smooth voice chides, "I see you've wandered into my neck of the woods. Don't be afraid if you can't see me. That's normal. DO however be afraid that you might be my next snack. That's.. also normal. Tell me what are your opinions on ketchup? Ah it's not important!"

You feel a friendly slap to the back.

"Aha! I'm just messin with ya, please come in come in. Further into the treeline you go! The forest is the least of your worries..." You hear a chuckle and then silence. You're alone once again.. or at least you think you are...