elluh is my home dogg. she is always there for me. she is my hoe. i will always love her even when i want to throw one of mr. haggen's turtles at her face. she is like a sister to me. i love you estella(: and i love your phone; in a sexy way.

emilicious is the bomb. i love her. she is so cool. i steal her phone all the time because it is ROJO. yezzir. i love thiss breezy sooooooo much. yeah we get in fights but nobodys perfect. i love you emily!!

carly is one of the coolest chicks ever! we get in fights every five minutes but we always find a way to solve ihtt. i love this blondie; she is the bomb. ahahahaha, she is a big sister to me. I LOVE YUHRR a** CARLY xD

my other half. brandi is my twin sister that i will always love. even when i really really REALLY wanna pull her hair out of her head and stick it in her eyes; i still love her(: hook her upp; (brandi leanne bby)

i love kassy! she is the bees knees. xD i know that she will always be there for me when i need her.....i hope. anyways, she is like my best friend. she is dependable too. i love her; and i always will. LOVE YOU KASSANDRA!

lily,lily, lily. the innocent little child; that i love. lily is so adorable. shes one of my best friends in the whole entire world. i never ever got in a fight with her not even once. thats what i like so much about her. i hope that she stays with me throught the last few years in school. I LOVE YOU LILIAN!!