a filipino/japanese shortie. jenny's the name & random is my game. im 17; senior in high school. DOB is 3-22 (yay aries!) so get me something nice (: the dorks describe me as chibi. bouncy & cheery most of the time. i<3family&friends (respect them & i'll respect you) & anime&music&Pocky (dont take them away from me ^__^) my dream major is theater arts, and im looking at colleges that i might consider applying for. hate me, love me, it's all good. but dont try to figure me out w/ this small paragraph. send me a private message if you'd like to chat and/or are interested in a 1x1 RP with me [(literate of course). but comments are nice too. accepting friend requests but please no random friend requests. k thanks, and have a wonderful day/ night ^^
QUESTING FOR: any unwanted items.

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UPDATE: none.