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About -Jazmin_Lovee

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Call me Jazmin. Or you can call me Jazzy. :]

18 years young

Too young to know what love is and too old to believe in fairytails.

Drama'? Drop that immature s**t'!

Single and crushing;<3



Skinny Jeans<3

Dinosaurs and Robots baby'!<3

I'm outs'!

Hit it up'!

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Jayy Dawqq 'hackedd' thiss chickk !

Yo yo yeqitti yo ! Thiss iss Jayy Dawqq 'hackinqq' into myy Best'Frennss paqee ! Well what can iSayy about herr ? First off ! Fxck with her yuu fxck with her, & me so backk off !! Anywayy, iLovee Thiss Chickk with myy lifee !!<3 Shess myy Best'Frenn & i Couldd neverr wishh for aa better onee !<3 Shess crazyy, random, hyper, carefree, life lovinqq, biqq dreamer, supportive, amazinqq, loveablee, & so much more !! If yuu need someonee to trust, yuu should always comee to her for quidancee, help, etc. Shess sinqlee boyyss so qet at her ! iJuss havee a few ruless for yuu playass ! 1) Breakk Her Heart; Welcomee to hell ! 2) Whenn shee needss yuu for anythinqq yuu should be theree for her & support her ! 3) Touchh her in wayyss she shouldnt be touched, iWill 'politely' tell yuu off !! 4) If she tellss yuu to leavee her alonee thenn leavee herr alonee !!! 5) Abusee her in ANY wayy; Welcomee to hell !! Thosee aree myy ruless, 5 simplee ruless ! Break them & aqain; Welcomee to hell !!! Well Best'Frenn ima end this shxt short ! Buhh waht iAm tryinqq to sayy throuqhh thiss 'hack' is that; Te Amo Con Todo Mi Corazon ! Translationn; iLovee Yuu Withh All Myy Heart !!<333 Dontt yuu EVER forqet that !! Well, Jayy Dawqq is out ! Hit her up !(: