Hello There.

Welcome to my profile.

For them that read my Profile, take your time into reading what I put, I appreciate that, thank you, may things go your way.

So to Start off with I ain't much of a Coder, nor do I play games on this that much, I just like to chat, get to know people despite being rather strange, Antisocial.

Yet When I type to others, they just go soon enough, was being me, a bit too much for others, or am I just that one guy who likes to admit the truth, to end up getting hated for it?

Well Here's what I will Tell you, I'm from England, 20+, a Male, That does nothing more but play video games, chat, tries to be there for people, that need me.

You know I understand why people wouldn't want to know me, myself being someone who's a male, thinks rather "lewd" things, well what do you expect out of someone who likes to be himself.

Oh Forgot to mention, If anyone wants to be pals, or Friends or whatever just hit me up, I ain't got anything to do, so It'd be cool to get to talk to people, get to know them.

"Don't ever give up, regardless of what like may of done, or may of caused, you can't let it destroy you, you are who you are, you are better than what people may see, or think, if they think they know you, they sure as hell don't. - J"

"I've been told enough times that I ain't got any potential, that I might as well just let myself die..But no you don't have to listen to what they tell you, instead of giving up, realize there are people out there, wanting to help, regardless of what situation you're in, even though they may not understand you at first, its always worth trying."