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My name is of no importance; however, seeing as it's necessary to have one, you may call me Jam. Or Blood. Whichever rolls off your tongue better.

I play piano and drums. I've played each for thirteen years, and if you think that sounds unbelievable, consider the fact that I'm currently 17 years of age. My date of birth is September 25. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge, and I was the duke in my school's musical version of stated media.

I'm spoiled rotten, evidently. I can be kind, and I can be rude. I seldom take pictures of myself, but I do take photography seriously and it is a favorite hobby of mine. Do see my gallery in the art arena for a few of my photos. I live in a dirt little down in western England, near Scotland and Ireland. I have that accent that for some reason American people find incredibly sexy, however, I think the only thing more obnoxious is a native-born southerner from the U.S.

I have someone special to me. They know who they are. They have my full and complete support.

I enjoy all types of music excluding Christmas carols and church hymns. If you have a band you enjoy, I'd love for you to reccomend it. My favorite bands include Otep, Crazy Loop, 5606 (I went to school with them), Amerson, Secta Falls (Also went to school with them), Slipknot, Gackt, MSI, Birthday Massacre, and A Perfect Circle.

And this is the part where people usually put a photo of themselves.

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