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im not wirt-thy on 03/16/2022
Arsenall on 06/07/2020
Emiba Owns The World on 03/20/2020

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Prince of Darkness

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Looks like you've found me, Jack Spicer, Evil Boy Genius!! What brings you here? No, wait, don't tell me... you've come to form an evil alliance with me after hearing about how I'm gonna, well, I dunno... TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Smart move, my friend!

Just don't betray me or anything! I'm used to that, everyone betrays me, so I've got my eye on you!
Wait, that didn't come out right.

Just DON'T EVEN try to pull anything weird, got it?! Oh, and if you see the Xiaolin Monks, give them a super warm welcome with a nice healthy dose of METAL to the FACE.

Jackbots, attack!


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Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 05/16/2020 9:42 pm
Eliskuya Thurwolf
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 05/16/2020 7:41 pm
Eliskuya Thurwolf
Nothing much just chilling out
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 05/16/2020 3:17 pm
Eliskuya Thurwolf
typical as always, yet I never heard you say that but just don't do anything rash
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 05/15/2020 5:43 pm
Eliskuya Thurwolf
"anything new lately?"
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 05/15/2020 3:41 pm
Eliskuya Thurwolf
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 07/03/2019 4:32 pm
Eliskuya Thurwolf
blame my step sister Rena
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 07/03/2019 12:38 pm
Eliskuya Thurwolf
nothing old friend just checking if you need any help
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 07/02/2019 9:39 pm
Eliskuya Thurwolf
nothing really just lurking to talk to you
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 07/02/2019 7:59 pm
Eliskuya Thurwolf
jack, long time no see old friend
NikkiNeverMore69 Report | 02/19/2019 10:30 pm
Thanks! heart


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