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Words of Takuya

True love, it's a very rare thing to happen to people of the world today, save the words like or love for the ones that you truly mean it to such as family or friends, love can be a tricky thig to know, you may think you love them but often you don't really, do not say words such as "I love you" when you do not mean such things because then your just lying to the person and yourself, if you are truly in love with a man and or women be sure to take care of them, protect them, be happy for them even though you aren't but don't be selfish, sometimes you must think of others before you, you must think of your family and friends, maybe even people you do not sincerely know, be sure your love for people stays true, sometimes your actions can cause interuptions in love causing them to end, do not end love, they can make painful memories and emotions to run amuck in your mind, and be sure your love for others love is true

Life, it can be a painful thing at times but do not waste it on hate, anger, sorrow, or regret as I have it only brings those emotions to you and others, be happy, make the most of life, make wise decisions in life, do not ruin it for you or for others, if you don't you may cause such a terrible thing such as death, everyone is afraid to die, everyone always are... no one wishes to die for no cause, it may not be their time to depart from the living, that's why you make the most of life cause today such a posibility can be very common... make the most of it unlike I have...

Death, it's the fate all creatures share, everyone is afraid to die, maybe because they do not wish to depart from the living yet because they do not think it was their time yet, maybe they wished to do something first, I don't for sure know, everyone has their reasons, sometimes people die in order to save you so at least you'll have the chance to live longer maybe because your only a child, some people wish to die for other reasons as well, sometimes because they do not wish to be among the living, maybe because they suffer and they wish to end the pain, or maybe a suicide mission or some sort, I do not know but I know that if you do not like your life you can change that, you could change your attitudes, your ways, your body, and mostly your life, do not waste such a grand opportunity such as life on something pointless do not die for no good reason because it would be such a waste you have time to do things so do them before you can't you'll regret life sometimes because you wasted it, make sure you don't do something good for the world, you, and others please.


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kittenkitten Report | 01/10/2008 8:15 pm
Wakka Wakka Wakkaaaaaaa! XD
banks387450 Report | 11/07/2007 7:47 am
Ahh!... kinda awesome!!
stone756485 Report | 11/06/2007 5:43 pm
quite well-done woot
deaths907703 Report | 11/05/2007 11:21 am
nagnagnag Report | 10/21/2007 11:05 am
thx 4 buying!!
Moshing Pandas Report | 10/20/2007 8:17 pm
Moshing Pandas
hey dude i haven't talk to u ! just saying hi
master chubs Report | 10/18/2007 3:20 pm
master chubs
Thanks 4 All the Fish Report | 10/16/2007 4:08 pm
Thanks 4 All the Fish
Glad to see someone else digs lackadaisy! User Image
iZazzleFrazzle Report | 10/15/2007 6:16 pm
okie dokie, nice avi by the way ^_^
master chubs Report | 10/08/2007 5:13 pm
master chubs

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