I'm Jennifer Lynn Curbstomp.
People call me Jenn, Jenni, Jennifer, Lynn, anything.
Curbstomp is NOT my real last name, just my scene name.
My pictures ARE Photoshopped in one way:
The lighting is changed.
I have really good skin (NO COVER UP),
And the lighting makes it blend in a little bit.

I live in upstate New York in the center of a corn field.
I absolutely hate where I live and I'm leaving the day I graduate.
I want to go to to beauty school and be an extension specialist.
I'm generally a happy person, although i haven't been lately.
I've changed and grown up a lot and it seems like I'm the only one.

If you had talked/dated one of my fakes,
I will do anything to get that fake deleted.
Faking people is wrong, pointless and upsetting.
I honestly don't mind roleplayers using my pictures,
But when a fake hurts someone, it pisses me off.
No one deserves to find out there best friend or girlfriend isn't real.
Message me and we'll get them deleted.