i dislike . . .

twilight, deep romance, naggers, flamers, noobs, runescape obsessed people, pink, brown, vampire academy, dora the explorer, ugly teddy bears, mushrooms, olives, chicken, corny movies, bad dancers [ unless they're funny ], bad spellers, people who use bad grammar [ unless it's on purpose ], illiterate gaians, meany-heads D<, people who don't understand what i say, way too emo people, kristen stewart, robert pattinson, stephanie meyer, vampires, any newly-sparked vampire crazes, twilight, twilight, twilight, anything related to twilight unless it's anti, annoying people, dirty carpet, dandelion fluff in the house, mud on my face, sweaty armpits [ wtf. ], sisters who say i'm overweight, twilight, etcetera.

. . . yah.


my name is hannah.
call me hannah banana, iza,
izaebele, hannie, hannah, hanhan,
bambi, big bird, whatever.

you have just experienced a few of my
nicknames. [/arentiawesome]

anyway, i am five feet and
two inches tall.
i am older than ten but younger than
seventeen. not giving away my
age ;D

as you can see, i love furuba.
must . . . read . . . last . . . volume . . .

i also have a charity. look on the panels
on either side of this section.

more info in other panels.



i like . . .

mangoes, pineapples, furuba, drawing, reading, writing, gaiaonline, animal crossing wild world, laughing, johnny depp, cornelia funke, dilbert, garfield, canada, england, school, swimming, manga, chibi art, avi art, freebies, chocolate, ice cream, pistachios, tootsie roll pops, friends, the internet, cats, hippos, horses, soup, tomatoes, celery, broccoli, mspaint, green, blue, orange, white, silver, penguins, mints, hamsters, stuffed animals, ducks, colours, europe, bridges, fishing, softball, four square, yelling nonsense, harry potter books, the inkheart series, artemis fowl series, roald dahl, meg cabot, avi, gary paulsen, lemons, limes, caterpillars, vouchers, nice people, generousity, a good sense of humour, smarties, computer, my sisters, rabbits, koalas, coconut milk, chive onions, peeling carrots and potatoes . . .

there, now you know more about me than my parents do.
Misc Thought
Mister Pumpkin Head

FEAR ME; i'm hannah's big sister.

i'm jenni, hannah's epic best friend.

i'm cindy, hannah's other epic bestie.

i'm natalie. i'm also epic but unfortunately there is no room up there for my big speech bubble so i'm down here. i still rock hannah's socks off. but i moved too.

... ditto.

i'm kyo sohma and i have epic orange hair. fear me.

it's me.

this is bianca.
she moved, so i
only get to e-mail
her and see her in
the summers. MISS YOU.
best friends since
second grade :D