emo r r you ser serious

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-iwillsart_worldwar3- Report | 08/09/2013 11:34 am
bye guys cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah gone dont try to convince me into staying people on gaia arent real so yeah bye!!!
HadUs Report | 08/30/2012 10:20 am
lol ty dark! hope u can get on more often! gonk
iiHeartYouuuu Report | 08/18/2012 7:59 pm
PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE POST. IT?S SO DANG TRUE* This post really means something to me so you should feel it too! 1. At least 2 people in this world love you so much they would die for you. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don?t like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. If not for you, someone may not be living. 8. You are special and unique. 9. Someone that you don?t even know exists loves you. 10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likey turned your back on the world. 12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won?t get, but if you believe in yourself, probably, sooner or later, you will get it. 13. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. 14. Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel much better when they know. 15. If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they are great. Add this as a comment to ten of your friends tonight and at midnight your true love will love you. Something good will happen to you at 2:25 tomorrow. Get ready for the biggest shock of your life. Whoever breaks this chain letter will be cursed with 10 realationship problems for the next ten years tag ur it!! this is so scary!!! Send this to 15 ppl in the next 143 min. and then press F6 and your crushes name will appear in big letters!! it is so scary because it works?. but if you break the chain... you will be crused w/ realationship problems. NO SEND BACKS If you have less than 15 friends its okay
Joce_von_vanity Report | 07/04/2012 5:22 pm
YAY ur back on! biggrin im happy now smile
horrible_chicken Report | 07/04/2012 4:45 pm
I'm SO glad that you're back on Gaia for good now! I'M SO HAPPY! blaugh
breakfastcatsrot Report | 05/20/2012 10:27 pm
no probs
Goodby3_lullaby Report | 01/29/2012 8:28 am
Hey i dont know you but i saw you checked out my profile?
sry i am rose ..... so HI! (: heart
zannieboo28 Report | 01/20/2012 9:23 pm
hey thanks for adding me
C Q C Cat Report | 12/27/2011 11:05 am
C Q C Cat
Thank you for the purchase.
-iwillsart_worldwar3- Report | 11/06/2011 5:06 pm
1. Kiss on the hand = I adore you

2. Kiss on the cheek = I just want to be friends

3. Kiss on the neck = I want you

4. Kiss on the lips = I love you

5. Kiss on the ears = I am just playing

6. Kiss anywhere else = lets not get carried away

7. Look in your eyes = kiss me

8. Playing with your hair = I can't live without you

9. Hand on your waist = I love you to much to let you go
Prince_of the_ShadowxX

one of my very good friends....gone

another good friend never online when i am and we barely get to talk

another good friend never online