My name's Megan. Not much to say about me, except that im a fun, loving kinda person (: Im not one to judge people based off of their looks or feelings or opinions. I hate how people can so easily judge someone without even thinking into things. But thats a problem of mine. I think too far into things. I try to see things from other peoples perspectives far too often. But, I suppose that could be a good thing :3 I love and hate many things, too many things. I love how the sun rises and sets, and how the sky turns blue and pink and a rich golden color as the day comes to an end. I love giant rainbow swirly lolly pops <3 I love music c: I love girlss. I love boyys. (but mostly girlyss ;D) I love how my bunnys nose never stops twitching... I think thats good enough :3 I hate many many things too. Kinda sad really :c I hate how ive been used and hurt so many times. I hate how I used to be so gullible. I hate how I used to be so emo. I hate how this I hate list is sounding so emo.. Damn.. As you may already tell, I just like to have fun (: Im not concerned about how mature I may seem to people, as long as I can have fun. I love to be silly and laugh about things that make no sense. Its what makes me, me.. So I love to experiment. With many things. Such as girls ;3 The most life changing desision ive made has been the choice to smoke weed. Weed has really changed my life. It helps me relax, and see the world through new, better eyes. While before, I would look at the world as being a place of nothing but wars, greed, and hatred. As something pretty much meaningless. To a world full of amazing wonder and beauty. Its shown me just how beautiful the world is. You wonder why hippies love their trees so much? Well I know why. Would you rather walk around tall buildings crowded everywhere around you, or walk down a field of flowers in the warm sun?...I prefer the field :3 Anywayss, theres so much more to know about me. Im more complex that I appear to be. Get to know me? (: