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Hai, Name's Duckyy.[; Bahaha, i am 14 years young. music and friends complete me. i have a ton of friends; but only a few i can call myy best franns.(: there are only 8 people in thiis world that i do not know what i would do without them; ashley aragon, chloe totzke, wyatt dunshie, kimber macke y, aubrey guin, lonnie dorton, chelsea bloomer, and edith sanchez.^^ uhm, my life is pretty amazing i guess, ;D i love me some sour skittles.<333. theyre amazing, ;DD i hear from people im a pervert.o.O i knoww suprising riiight! O: haha look at that sexy p***y, ;D JK...>.< okay im a pervert. : P and proud of iit! ;DDD so yeah i dont wanna write anymore because this site is kinda lame soo, bye b***h. (: