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What to say, well basically I am of a creative mind, whether that be writing or drawing, I just enjoy both. I am slowly coming back to Gaia and have updated all my things, friends list, profile, comments, etc. If I didn't remember you, I would have removed you, but if you remember me, just tell me how we met and I'll try to remember. If I can't remember you however, I do apologise.

I'm an adult, over the age of 20 is all I will say and I have been a part of Gaia for years. If I come off as blunt or unfriendly, that is just the way I am, though I will show respect to others and do expect to receive it in return. Don't go randomly adding me to friends if I don't know you and don't ask for items or gold. People like that can and will be blocked straight away.

I am generally friendly for the most part, but with role plays I do prefer older aged characters. I am not into any under-aged character role play unless I am really craving it. Right now my main interest lies in M// Role plays and I've been mostly doing 1x1 ones at that.

One thing I can't stand however is attention whores and people acting overly childish and having little arguments for no apparent reason. I hate drama and such behavior, so if you have a habit of behaving in such a childish way, kindly turn around and get lost, because chances are I will have zero interest in getting to know you.

If you wish to contact me, please send me a PM.


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