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Me, myself, and I

HEY! mrgreen

You can call me Starr. I'm eighteen, and I live to draw, write, and roleplay! <3

I’m generally friendly, although I love to rant at times. Don’t let my angry posts of doom fool you; if you come up and just talk to me, I’m usually friendly and very tolerant. smile I have a lot of original characters. Some belong to a concept, such as my Amber 411 or Justice Roulette characters (though Darkworld itself is not mine, it’s an OCT), and others are scattered and I haven’t given them solid stories yet. I hope you will enjoy seeing all of my art, and all my babies. heart

~Starr* dramallama

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matimat Report | 12/27/2010 11:21 am
hello,tnx for to be my friend.I love meet new friends here ok



DAVE: i dunno its white and it just sort of exists
DAVE: you dont ask about mayo thats not what you do with mayo
DAVE: also fred savage has a really punchable face


Justice Roulette

Justice Roulette follows the adventures of a young police captain in a futuristic world where mutants, aliens, and hybrids are commonplace.

Julie Carp, a 25-year-old human with the literal heart of a lion, and her tiny companion Florence, face the challenges of ridding the world of injustice one case at a time.

But when Julie's first case comes back to bite and burn her, she realizes what a dangerous game she has played.

The comic is on hiatus, but you can still go and read it if you like! <3

Amber 411

East Levoce is a city in a universe that doesn't know humans, but that promotes and funds training for young individuals to improve their natural abilities. Not everyone has powers, but those who do take classes that focus on helping them channel their power and control it. The story focuses primarily on the three main characters:

Amber is a tiger who's family's legend has led to half the city wishing for her demise. She is hot-headed and stubborn, but she tries her best to use her powers to help the city.

Carmen is a green cat who doubles as a cyborg and who helps people when they need it (though desires no attention at all). Everyone’s got their eyes on him for one reason or another, but after meeting Amber, his life has been a little more joyful.

Calypso is an arctic fox who thinks she's normal and deals with physical abuse from her older brother daily. Whether out of jealousy because she got her powers before him, out of rage because he’s had a bad day, or just out of pleasure, he's always torturing her. Luckily, she has the unique ability to rip holes through space and escape her stressful life for awhile.

With these three and many more interesting souls, the city of East Levoce is always got something up its sleeve. And soon, the citizens will realize that there’s a force stronger than all the villains in the city combined, aiming all its power at them. And if it scares even the most powerful and evil villains in the city, it's probably something to be reckoned with.

Amber 411 is a concept I am still developing, and I hope to eventually make it a webcomic. However, it will unfortunately have to take a back seat to a few other concerns for now.


*You can find my background picture in my gallery on deviantART! smile