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HI i'm briana.
i live in my own world
i really enjoy flirting
i love to laugh
i'm very stubborn
i cry when i feel like i need to
i'm really insecure but i try to hide it
i hate getting compliments
hugs are my favorite thing ever
texting is the next best thing
i act like a boy
i curse...a lot, it's a bad habit.
i absolutely love sleepovers
i love water more then any other drink
i'm very sarcastic
my converse are my favorite pair of shoes
i love my internet friends more then anyone ever
i get annoyed really easily
i always fall for guys who live really far away
i wear my heart on my sleeve
i have one friend i can tell everything and anything to
i act like everything in my life is fine but it's not.
i care too much about people
and i give way too many second chances.


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