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Gender: Female

Location: Yeah...uh, here...

Occupation: I...have no job.

For those stalkers. O.o

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Eh, not enough. :(

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About Me
by anonymus87


Name: Chelsea
Age: 14 years old
Birthday: In the breezy (hot) summer
Zodiac Sign: Cancer.


Color: Pale pink. (Calm down. There's nothing wrong with it.)
Holiday: Christmas
Cartoon: The Boondocks.
Tv Show: I like a lot of them.

This or That

chicken or beef: Chicken.
hot or cold weather: Cold.
chocolate or vanilla: Strawberry. :3
spongebob or patrick: Spongebob. He has pretty eye-lashes. XO


Favorite Band: I...really don't know.
Favorite Male Artist: Miyavi. :3
Favorite Female Artist: Rihanna.
Favorite Song: "Beast of Blood" by Malice Mizer


Favorite Movie: "The Dark Knight"
Male Actors: Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger
Female Actor: N/A
Favorite Genre: Many.

Ideal Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Style: Doesn't matter, as long as he works it. ^.^
Hair Color: Doesn't matter.
Body Type: I don't care, but I guess fit.
Personality: Just as long as he's faithful, has fun with life, believes in what I believe in, and doesn't beat me. =^.^= Then he's a nice guy.


Favorite Reality Star: I...don't really know.
Favorite Food: I like a lot of foods.
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: McDonalds.
Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden.
Favorite Drink: Strawberry Milkshake
Favorite Pop/Soda: Cherry Cola.
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: None.


Favorite Basketball Team: Not sure. SA Spurs...?
Favorite Baseball Team: None.
Favorite Football Team: NY Giants
Favorite Hockey Team: None.
Favorite Sport: Swimming; does that count?

Family & You

Want Kids?: I haven't thought about it.
How many?: ^Read above answer^
How many siblings do you have?: Nii.
tattoos?: None, but I'm going to get one that is a red rose with thorns around it on my neck...if my parents would let me. :3
peircings?: On my earlobes.

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Total Value: 25,023 Gold
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Item List:
Black Heart Face Tattoo
Green Bowler Hat
Gray Peasant Gloves
Dashing Gentleman Onyx Shoes
Dashing Gentleman Silver And Black Cane
Dashing Gentleman Aquamarine Vest
Dashing Gentleman Sapphire Tie
Dashing Gentleman's Onyx Tail Coat
Dashing Gentleman Onyx Tuxedo Trousers
Dashing Gentleman Dickey Dress Shirt

Dance Like No Ones Watching.

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Airi_Chan1012 Report | 08/05/2008 5:55 pm
Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahah!!! See u later!!! Or not!!
Airi_Chan1012 Report | 08/03/2008 3:10 pm
OMG Chelsea I like your new Avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y better comment back or I will go to yr house and kill y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Airi_Chan1012 Report | 04/18/2008 8:31 pm
Summer I hate to tell you this but you are guy. Yes, I saw you in the closet Oh yes I did. Lol j/k
Gonewiththewend246 Report | 04/04/2008 5:58 pm
(pig latin)

arah say is still going ut oay with that nline oay dude
Gonewiththewend246 Report | 03/19/2008 6:12 pm
...shure change it every two minutes why don't cha
Gonewiththewend246 Report | 03/17/2008 3:38 pm
lol i know right ;D

ohhhh i love your profile User Image
Gonewiththewend246 Report | 03/14/2008 4:41 pm
Neji Hyuga Byakugan YAY Report | 03/12/2008 7:54 pm
Neji Hyuga Byakugan YAY
hellow freaky one!!!!

User Image

was up?!!!
iSha-Nay Report | 03/12/2008 7:29 pm
I know, right? D;
Gonewiththewend246 Report | 03/12/2008 6:56 pm



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My dream avi. :3


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