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A guardian angel never stops watching, even if she never appears before you.
Enaella...Thank you for everything, we love you, baby sister...we love you most dearly...
Never forget us...because we most certainly will absolutely never forget you.

I can remember...

It is those most treasured to us whom we remember most vividly, and all the spectrum of light cascade in reverie to our reminiscent thoughts. We speak with the minds eye in a requiem for that which we can no longer see, yet we will always know in our hearts true. In time, we must all relinquish what we hold dear in equivalence to that which we cannot comprehend, and that is where we lose our way.

I may understand...

Listen to the heart's words, as they speak truer to the world than any one syllable uttered through the speech of contemplation. Within the mind's eye lurks the central truth in which we come to terms with existence. We justify that which we do not comprehend and attempt to rationalize and simplify so that we may feel accomplishment with thinking that we now understand. Not all things can be broken down to their simplest components and is only, in some cases, that when we combine the pieces of the puzzle that the true picture comes into view. Despite this, the individual must come to terms with themselves long before they can begin to scrutinize the world and its views, if we cannot comprehend ourselves, we cannot hope to conquer the mysteries of our conception.

We must all see...

Things are accepted as inevitability thus is our seeking to contradict mother nature, but we simply cannot fall prey to the thoughts of inferiority which plague the commonplace. From the last, to the first, we are all neither equal nor attached to a hierarchy of superiority; as superiority is first established in the mind. To break free from the rat race of mediocrity and establish a link with those around us, we must come to terms with each other's short comings and seek to form a barrier of understanding. No one man is an island, it is only in thoughts of ineptitude or the lacking in thoughts of belonging that we isolate ourselves from one another and make ourselves weak. We are all together, no matter where we are...we are family, and nothing can take that away from us.

We are outcasts, socialites, rejects, and forgotten; yet we thrive, despite a majority's neglect. We continue to exist because, through exile, we unite and we find one another in unexpected ways. The path is riddled with allies and enemies alike, cherish those who cherish you, love for the sake of love, and seek happiness for it is what you deserve. No one should give up on themselves...because when we look around...we're never as alone as we may seem...


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Angelus Terminal

Random stories I come up with as byproducts of dreams, fantasies, thoughts, whatever.


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Celeste_Nightshade Report | 10/23/2013 5:52 pm
Well hello there Sato. Long time no see.
oxSurfingSkaterxo Report | 09/28/2013 4:08 am
I find myself rather disappointed that you have not attempted to contact me recently. Honestly I am beginning to wonder if we were ever truly friends. You advocated for such; however, you do not spam me with those heart jerking, to tell the truth borderline revolting, messages of "Sara I miss you so much" "I am not complete without you in my life" "Talk to me for you are my one true love". Wow, even typing such a combination of words caused some bile to rise. Nevertheless I am positive such words hold truth in your sentiments. You were always soft and somewhat sickening. The infamous teddy bear. blaugh
oxSurfingSkaterxo Report | 09/20/2013 3:35 pm
There may be a myriad of ways for me to be in contact with you; nevertheless, there is not the same for me. As I am certain you are aware, I am rather difficult to get a hold of and I prefer to maintain that... power of control. I do believe interactions gain a sense of excitement when approached in that manner.
oxSurfingSkaterxo Report | 09/15/2013 5:09 pm
At what moment did I state that you were deceased merely because you did not come on this site anymore? Overlooking my comment once more, it simply says that it is a pity you are deceased. Nevertheless, I am highly amused that you responded to my comment. I shall look forward to perhaps discussing with you further in the future. That is, certainly, if you feel up for conversing with me.
oxSurfingSkaterxo Report | 08/31/2013 10:14 am
It appears as though you are deceased. Such a terrible pity.
oxSurfingSkaterxo Report | 08/22/2013 5:27 am
kitkatamii Report | 01/06/2013 11:08 am
*stalks* ninja
Goddesofmoonlight Report | 01/01/2013 4:25 pm
Hey you!! I'm glad you added my new account...I'm still sad that my account is locked..I miss all my inventory and my zOMG rings....speaking of which... 4laugh
oxSurfingSkaterxo Report | 02/01/2012 12:18 pm
Jesus teddy, you sound like such a girl! Where have you been? We're so worried? I am half expecting you to start having a pms fit on me. Bloody hell yank! If you must know, I have been taking care of my son and becoming a contributing member of society. Both completely plausible excuses. I do not have time to check this ancient site. Nevertheless, I do believe is may be feasible for us to remain in contact. That girl we both seem to care deeply about has been blowing up my webmail, I feel as though providing her with my address may have been my own undoing. At any rate, I am certain you are still a complete loser, despite this fact you can contact me if you so desire.
oxSurfingSkaterxo Report | 12/31/2011 7:17 am
Yo Loser. Doubt you still get on. Thought I'd tease ya just in case.


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