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I'm just going to list off facts about myself because I have no tact.

Twenty-five years old.

Naturally androgynous and always have been. My pronouns are whatever you feel like calling me.

Loosely a Satanist. Completely atheistic. I like to call myself an "optimistic nihilist".

I have a double bachelors (I/O and general psychology) and am currently in a doctorate's program for cognitive psychology. I love doing research and hate myself enough to actually go through with it. It's a (or the) central aspect to my life atm, and I love it.

I can talk about basically any topic and thoroughly enjoy educational discussions, but if the conversation becomes too radical, insulting, or a pissing contest, I'm outtie.

My spirit animal is a raccoon because I'm a trash bandit.

I like horror movies, comedies, cooking contest shows, some anime, and most of all, horror comedies, which is the gold standard for movie and show genres.

Find me lurking in GD/LD and sometimes in ED or Chatterbox.

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