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The Second
I have been on a S Rank Mission. "The S Rank Missions are only assigned to the best of the best. I'll be back momentarily "

Can we be friends?
Of course! .

About The Second
The Second Hokage was the younger brother of the First Hokage, making him the grand uncle of the Fifth Hokage (Tsunade) and Nawaki. He was highly skilled in water jutsu, and could even perform them without a water source. He contributed greatly to the development of Konoha by establishing the Ninja Academy and many more of Konoha's systems and organizations. He died while fighting in the Ninja World War, after first having given his title of Hokage to his student, Sarutobi.

During this time would the Second Hokage also train a three person team of his own, called Team Senju consisting of Sarutobi, the future Third Hokage, and Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, the two future elder advisers of the village.

After becoming the Hokage, the Second would give the Uchiha Clan a special position as a sign of trust. He gave them the leadership of the Konoha Military Police, however this was just a cover up, and its true purpose was just to distance the Uchiha from the government of the village, and place the clan under a tight surveillance, with the ANBU and Root.

二代目火影, Nidaime Hokage

"You must first take a calm look within yourself to find out who you really are."

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Tobirama Senju was the secon Hokage and the grand uncle of Tsunade. He has many Water Jutsus and he don't brought water around him to use them.

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