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Hey whats up guys? My name is Jourden, and I am a chick whos knows how to have fun, and make people laugh. Here's some other stuff about me:

Good Movies (ones with Jack Black or Will Ferrell!)
Rock music
Coheed and Cambria
Homemade brownies with chocolate sauce
Kittens/ Cats (the fluffy kind!)
When people are nice and open to try and do new things

Mean people sad
Fake people
Cheesy movies
My dad's so called "awesome car"
When my friends choose a guy over me

My birthday is March 25, I messed up when I put the date!


My bestie calls me Nighthawk.

Music :)

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Buncha random crap

poetry, daily stuff, my life, friends, sometimes artwork


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best days Report | 11/14/2009 10:28 am
best days
hi whats up
Nightmare Corleone Report | 08/28/2009 12:07 pm
Nightmare Corleone
Um, I am pretty pissed about this. This is my old account. ******** YOU, WHOEVER SCAMMED ME. THANKS A LOT.
Xx_Gutta Chick_xX Report | 07/09/2009 11:49 pm
Xx_Gutta Chick_xX
copy this to 10 players on commenting and press f5 it works im rich!
Xx_Gutta Chick_xX Report | 07/09/2009 11:48 pm
Xx_Gutta Chick_xX
copy this to 10 players on commenting and press f5 it works im rich!
Jazzylyn1 Report | 06/22/2009 8:35 am
cute profile..... love the "thats wat he picture
Pineapple Warrior Report | 06/20/2009 3:58 am
Pineapple Warrior
Copy this to 10 pro’s an you will get 10,000,000g, it really works, im rich
xXx_Jade Love_xXx Report | 06/16/2009 2:55 pm
xXx_Jade Love_xXx
 This chain letter is real

so follow the instructions
and something good will happen!!

but this chain letter is for real.
When Anne Wichert got it for the first time,
she ignored it and a week later the love of her
life dumped her for no good reason so
and just send the stupid letter!The Lovers of the Heart

In order to form
a more perfect kiss,
enable the mighty hug to promote
to whom we please
but one kiss
Article 1:

Statement of Love:
The Kiss
1. Kiss on the hand
I adore you

2. Kiss on the cheek
I just want to be friends

3. Kiss on the neck
I want you

4. Kiss on the lips
I love you

5. Kiss on the ears
I am just playing

6. Kiss anywhere else
lets not get carried away

7. Look in your eyes
kiss me

8. Playing with your hair
I can't live without you.

9. Hand on your waist
I love you to much to let you go Article 2:

The Three Steps

If any guys gets fresh with you, slap him.

If any girl slaps you, her intentions are still good.

Guys & Girls
Close your eyes when kissing, it is rude to stare.

Article 3:
The Commandments

Thou shall not squeeze
too hard.

Thou shall not ask for a kiss,
but take one.

Thou shall kiss
at every opportunity.

* Remember * >
A peach is a peach
A plum is a plum,
A kiss isn't a kiss
Without some tongue.
So open up your mouth
close your eyes,
and give your tongue
some exercise!!!

Here are a few reasons
why guys like girls:

They will always smell good
even if its just shampoo

The way their heads always
find the right spot on our shoulder

How cute they look when they sleep

The ease in which they fit into our arms

The way they kiss you and
all of a sudden everything
is right in the world

How cute they are when they eat

The way they take hours
to get dressed
but in the end
it makes it all worth while

Becau se they are always
warm even when its minus 30 outside

The way they look good
no matter what they wear

The way they fish for compliments
even though you both know that you
think she's the most
beautiful thing on this earth

How cute they are when they argue

The way her hand always finds yours

The way they smile

The way you feel
when you see their name
on the call ID
after you just had a big fight

The way she says
'lets not fight anymore'
even though you know that
an hour later....

The way they kiss when
you do something nice for them

The way they kiss you
when you say
'I love you'

Actually ...
just the way they kiss you...

The way they fall into your arms
when they cry

Then the way they apologize
for crying over something that silly

The way they hit you
and expect it to hurt

Then the way they apologize
when it does hurt.
(even though we don't admit it)!

The way they say
'I miss you'

The way you miss them

The way their tears
make you want to
change the world
so that it
doesn't hurt her anymore.....
Yet regardless
if you love them,
hate them,
wish they would die
know that you would die
without them ...
it matters not.
Because once in your life,
whatever they were to the world
they become everything to you.
When you look them in the eyes,
traveling to
the depths of their souls
you say a million things
without trace of a sound,
you know that your own life
is inevitable consumed
within the rhythmic beatings
of her very heart.
We love them for a million reasons,
No paper would do it justice.
It is a thing not of the mind
but of the heart.
A feeling.
Only felt.


This chain started in 1977.
It is a love chain letter.
In an hour you are
supposed to send it to
10 people.
It is easy, just look into
chat rooms and find them.
send it
Fatality Trigger Report | 06/12/2009 9:51 am
Fatality Trigger
U going streaking?!?! OwO

Lmao heyy sonny. By any chance do ju have some popsicles?
x___satou Report | 06/12/2009 9:35 am
Hey Hoshi owo
Fatality Trigger Report | 06/11/2009 8:40 pm
Fatality Trigger
I heart this sorry i was bored and i sent a random person this. and that random person was ju IM BORED

High rise, veins of the avenue
Bright eyes and subtle variations of blue
Everywhere is balanced there like a rainbow above you
Street lights glisten on the boulevard
And cold nights make staying alert so hard
For heaven's sake, keep me awake so I won't be caught off guard
Clearly I am a passerby but I'll find a place to stay

Dear pacific day, won't you take me away?
Small town hearts of the New Year
Brought down by gravity, crystal clear
City fog and brave dialogue converge on the frontier
Make haste, I feel your heartbeat
With new taste for speed, out on the street
Find a road to a humble abode where both of our routes meet
The silver sound is all around and the colors fall like snow
The feeling of letting go, I guess we'll never know

Cheer up and dry your damp eyes and tell me when it rains
And I'll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins
Cause your heart has a lack of color and we should've known
That we'd grow up sooner or later cause we wasted all our free time alone

Your nerves gather with the altitude
Exhale the stress so you don't come unglued
Somewhere there is a happy affair, a ghost of a good mood
Wide eyed, panic on the getaway
The high tide could take me so far away
VCR's and motorcars unite on the Seventh Day
A popular gauge will measure the rage of the new Post-Modern Age
Cause somewhere along the line all the decades align

We were the crashing whitecaps
On the ocean
And what lovely seaside holiday, away
A palm tree in Christmas lights
My emotion
Struck a sparkling tone like a xylophone
As we spent the day alone

Cheer up and dry your damp eyes and tell me when it rains
And I'll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins
Cause your heart has a lack of color and we should've known

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this is avi art that
scritch_scratch made for me
before I had my Grunny