does it hurt to know a little?

hewo c: if you're here you obviously wanna see what im about. beverly is my name, some call me jade -its my middle name, don't ask- i'm 15 years old young and i live in new york. its uh, pretty cool although i would love to travel the world.

i don't really do much. but i love animals with a passion so i am going to be a veterinarian c: i know it for sure. i like to volunteer and currently looking for a job dog walking.. erm.. yah. but i love hanging with my friends, especially at night because it adds a.. i dunno it just feels so more exciting walking around with your friends in the city.. at night.. in the dark. i like sports even though i don't play any annnnnnd i have six siblings c:

im in love with action movies like wanted, transformers, xmen:first class, stuff like that. ooh yeah dragons too. i just love action period. i watch random videos on youtube like kangeroo attacks and crazy a** cats. i want to get a tattoo saying "aquarius" on my neck because if you haven't guess with that statement, im an aquarius c: not that it matters to whom ever is reading this. my mom is a cancer :3

weekends i like to wake up early like a 6 and watch tv in the dark. im just a relaxed person. i love the days when its raining like a b***h and you have a bunch of food and snacks to munch on while watching a movie, toasty under your covers/sheets whatever floats your boat c:

i adore this face: c:

i ask a lot of questions so im a little annoying but people love me anyway because im usually a happy person. when im NOT being bitchy. soo yeah wanna know more, add me and we can chat! that was simple right? that's the way uh huh uh huh i like it. ok bye now! c:

oh, oh! and i loooooove to roleplay for all you roleplayers stopping by *wink*

ok im serious bye now c: