like you care

s**t is so cash
my name is shanaynay.
but you can call me shay.
i'm a german scene model, and yes, i am very gangsta. lol
i go onto gaia because i have nothing better to do,
other than being a hot model, of course.
i come from germany, and i have a boyfriend.
need i inform you that i'm 16.
i take perfection pills everyday, though i don't need them, lol.
i love to tease my hair and cake on makeup.
i weigh about as much as liz l i c i o u s's life matters
oh wait, thats very little rofl
i only do this because under it all, i'm a fat f*****t.
you should comment me and remind me how pretty i am.
oh btw i'm anon k stupid newfags

this is me LOOOOOOOOL

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i'm ******** dank yo

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