About Brian

-He lives in the USA
-He likes music [Hip hop , Rap]
-To be honest here Im 11
-He likes presents
-He likes people
-He likes people who says "your small"
-He has good friends :3
-He hates YOU.. yes you lol


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circIe k Report | 10/11/2011 3:16 pm
circIe k
iitoxicblueberrymuffinz Report | 07/20/2010 9:45 am
muffinss xD Report | 06/21/2010 12:52 pm
muffinss xD
brian, go on facebook rite now~ ;O i needa tell u something
xo_CallMe_MissCutie_xo Report | 06/11/2010 12:20 pm
brian?, from mrs. wilsons's class, if that's u, i dont know you have gaia!!!
-La La Luv Him- Report | 06/11/2010 12:04 pm
-La La Luv Him-
Omg Brian?! did u go 2 Marktwain?! if chu do thish ish Imaan! (if chu kno who i am) x3 Fm: Mrs.Stehmeier'z class! x3
your oven Report | 06/11/2010 9:44 am
your oven
lol im not stupid, i kno its u
1st Miracle Report | 05/12/2010 5:01 pm
1st Miracle
ur a bish.... o.o lol jk
1st Miracle Report | 04/26/2010 3:59 pm
1st Miracle
No really...
1st Miracle Report | 04/26/2010 7:34 am
1st Miracle
Wheres my money!?!?!?!?!?!? GIMMIE THE MONEY!!! Lol jk jk jk jk Dude wat up wit all the girls man??? P.S. This isn't my real avatar... I just felt like putting it on...
The Goddess Of Animals Report | 04/25/2010 8:15 pm
The Goddess Of Animals
lol ur welcome
and thank you XD