Good Bye. - Teto


Teto, is every sorry but this is good bye. im sure
no one would know if teto left anyway.. but teto
is quitting... gomen.

Good Bye. and i wish everyone luck.

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» Name :: Teto Kasane
» Gender :: Female
» Age:: 31 15! 31/2= 15.5!
» Day of Birth:: April Fools (april 1st)
» Unit number:: 0401
» Character items:: French Toast
» Program:: UTAUloid
» Weight:: 103 lbs (47kg)
» Height:: 5'2 (159.5 cm)
» Range:: a3 e5
» Hair Color:: Red, Wine Red
» Eye Color:: Red

Teto is a voice bank made for a freeware spin-off of Vocaloid named UTAU Her character item is french toast, or a loaf of French Bread. Her voice actress is Nobuyo Oyama. (小山 乃舞世)

She was originally designed as an April Fools joke by 2ch users to trick Nico Nico Douga users into thinking she is a new Vocaloid from Crypton Future Media (her company's name was Crvipton), but was eventually turned into an independent character. She is conceptualized by collaborative users of vip@2ch, and is illustrated by Chimera.

As being part of the April Fools joke, she is originally depicted as 31 years old, and her official site and 2ch users assert this. However, this was later clarified as her age as a human and chimera (A kind of dragon) hybrid, thus making her 15 years old in human age. Her height is 159.5 cm or 5'2" feet. Her weight is 47 kg or 103 lbs. Her tempo range is in between 70-150bpm, and as of the latest soundbank release by vip@2ch, her desirable pitch range is between a3 to e5. Her preferred genre are pop music and anison.

Teto's catch phrase is "You are so stupid!". She says that in "Triple Baka", "Lucky Star OP", and "Kasane Territory". A video telling her life story can be found here.

Related characters include Ted Kasane, the male counterpart of Teto. He may be her brother, but this is still a faint rumor.

She appears in the Hatsune Mix manga by KEI. She is shown on a bottle of MEIKO's sake labeled "重音てと" (Kasane Teto). voicebank may be downloaded either from her "official" site or from the official UTAU website.

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Good bye. - Teto

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