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elfy kins on 07/13/2019


*** Getting a custom profile made for me here soon, Ignore the cruddy one... here... ***

Race: Human/Demon
Birthday: December 27, 1995
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 173cm (5' 8'')
Weight: 63kg (138 lbs)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black (Blue Tint)
Blood Type: A

Rin has a protective and supportive personality. He can be very violent and get into fights (possibly caused by his demon side), but really has a kind heart. He supports his friends and tries to encourage and help them. He also seems very protective of Yukio, and aims to surpass him one day. Rin is clueless at times such as saying phrases wrong or thinking that the Kraken's fins are ears. Despite this, he is able to connect with someone's feelings to his own, such as Shiemi Moriyama's grief over her grandmother and Ryƫji Suguro's ambition to defeat Satan. He's not the type of person for school or studying, though he was able to gain a junior high diploma and become an Esquire.
Unlike his younger brother, Rin is immature, which leads other people into believing that he is the younger twin out of Yukio and himself. He is headstrong (figuratively as well as literally) and is often very open with his friends. However, when his friends found out about his demon heritage, some become afraid of him, thinking that he is unstable which could lead to a disaster, but they slowly got used to him and accepted him during the Kyoto Arc.

He seems to have a small soft-spot for animals. In the beginning of the manga, the reason he had gotten into a fight with Reiji Shiratori and his delinquent gang was because they were torturing pigeons.

Rin Okumura, a teenager possessing abnormal strength and endurance who, along with his younger twin brother Yukio, was raised by Father Shiro Fujimoto. One day, Rin learns that he is the son of Satan, the strongest of all demons. Witnessing Shiro dying to protect him, Rin ends up doing what his guardian asked him never to do: draw the demon-slaying blade Kurikara, which restrains his demonic powers, from its scabbard. From that moment on, Rin not only gains permanent demonic features like fangs, pointed ears, fiery "horns" and a tail, but also the power to ignite himself into blue flames that can destroy almost anything they touch.

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Behind the avatar: First off, you should know I am female.. not male. I made this account because I love Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist and there really were no good avatars of him(that I saw) on gaia, so I made one (: I am in a relationship with a wonderful guy~ And I am teasing him with this account just for fun~ Erm... My main gaia account is YukiMinamori. And I think that's just about it..
This is Me in Real Life(Webcam photo...)~~~

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elfy kins Report | 07/10/2019 10:26 pm
elfy kins
"cool avi"
iiRin Okumura Report | 06/29/2014 11:08 am
iiRin Okumura
I will no longer be on this account. I had a really nice avi identical to Rin, but i needed to sell everything to get an item on my main acc. crying
It's really sad.. this inflation SUCKS on here.
Arie The Dragon Slayer Report | 01/07/2014 7:53 am
Arie The Dragon Slayer
i love your avi he's the best Rin cosplayer if not the only one I've seen on here. smile
iShiemi Moriyama Report | 08/26/2013 2:23 pm
iShiemi Moriyama
I love your Rin cosplay! C:
Adiue Mephisto Pheles Report | 05/26/2013 9:48 am
Adiue Mephisto Pheles
Why aren't you in class, Rin? I thought you wanted to be an exorcist... Slacking off is no way t do that...
elfy kins Report | 04/18/2013 5:42 pm
elfy kins
lookin good bro now ill box your ears a little
MyMadddieeee Report | 03/14/2013 7:46 am
supp? :3
MyMadddieeee Report | 03/13/2013 11:59 am
hi. c:
Lost Akuma Report | 03/10/2013 5:23 pm
Lost Akuma
I was using Year of the Ox, didn't know if you were going to check that post or not so I wrote it here. Sorry for late reply, but you probably don't care anymore. rolleyes
elfy kins Report | 03/09/2013 7:29 am
elfy kins
Hey, little brother. Guess who just showed up in town. It's my bride. It's time for the honeymoon.muawwww haa haaah haaa