This is me!!!!! :) <3

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My name is jOrDaN ; call me whateverr you want;
Im currently 13 years old;
Birthday December 4th bby(:
Im a very nicee person but I don’t like drama
So please don’t start it.
i have my younger brother.
love him to death!!!!!♥
Add me babii!!
-J.Nicole smile

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Darian Selain Reynolds smile
U are my keeper, i love to death chic; u dont even know.(: just know this, no matter whwere i go and how far i am from u;u will forever be my best friend. i will always be there for u, always be ur shoulder to cry on.If u were to jump off a bridge today i would jump with u in a heartbeat;& whatever happens...happens. we would either die together or live and create 1 of the greatest memories of our friendship.As i get older i may not remember those friday and saturday nights when we stayed up til like 7 in the morning but i will NEVER forget that it was u i was with. i dont know what i would be or do without u girlie. i love u like a fat kid loves brownies. haha smile me without you is like patrick without spongebob........a disaster!!!! Everytime i hear ur laugh it makes me smile no matter what my mood is. There is only a certain amount of time that i cant see u, and thats hard enough itself. im thank God that he gave me u,my other half, my sister that i can come to when i just want to go crazy, and my keeper. i will NEVER in a gazillion,trillion,billion,zillion, years!!!!!!! July13th 2009 was one of the hardest days for u more than anyone and if u needed me at 9:00 at night then i will always be there for u darian. Our baby girl pugsly will be in our hearts forever no one can EVER replace her. i know that i can always count on you for anything, from a boy that has just broke my heart, to where i really just need someone to talk to. ur not like any of my other friends, u will get muddy, jump in a creek with me and ur just as redneck as me and my family!!!! Nothing can every seperate us!!! (: and if anyone says different i would like to see them try!!! i<3u baby and always will: forever&ever.


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