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A scattered dream thats like a far off memory

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Pick the pieces that shattered to your world of memories, You may think your deserted, alone and unwanted,life is not a curse, but a road that you must take in order to reach your fantasies you dream each night, make it happen, or perish without obtaining satisfaction and bliss.. or die in a tragic memory..,


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Days passed, the world is now asleep,still,memories haunts my thoughts, little by little, memories got out..flew through the dusky sky, where I sit and wait for answers yet to come, I'll wait for that day.. I'll wait until precious memories comes in my mind and puts me into a deep slumber of sweet imaginations.. I'll wait.. I'll wait...


Hello there!

Hello there I'm Namine_chan!
I love sketching! in fact, I own a little shop here in gaia, but it;s low on business now, so I shut it down >.< I love pudding! and candies..

>>Mostly I love the color white and blue on me..

>>I love animals, especially cats and dogs,..

>>I am extremely friendly, when you get to know me, you can talk to me anytime, just leave me a comment or PM...

>>I've been here in gaia approximately 5 months from now.. And I'm getting the hang around here...

>>I love Rp's! I can do one-on-one Rp just say the magic words LOL

>>Draw you? ofcourse.. but you have to be nice n.n

>>I'm inspired with everything! my drawings, the nature..
my friends>.<

>>I love books, actually I'm a bookworm myself..

>>I'm magically amazed by the wonders of games, and anime!!

>>Well, I guess thats all for now. my hands are getting swolen>.<