Umh So Lazy Right Now.. So guess ill finish this later (x

Dec 23, 2012. <3

OMG. Heey Kevin. heart Well it's about damn time I hack your a**. [; Haha, ok ok this guy is a real awesome, amazing, and helpful person. He is a sweetboy, he's my smartass. ;D No matter what he will always be there for you. He's pretty honest, and trustworthy. (:

Seriously, he's like a Fhucking BEAST at Black Ops ! o: Maan, Everytime we verse he'd always kill me first and yes I totally get mad. Lool, he's unbeatable ! ;D heart He's got some super, ninja skills hiding underneath his sleeves, so Whatch out !

Haha, yes he's a total flirt. Whatch out ladies, he'll steal your heart instantly and you'll fall for him quickly. [; But if you break his heart, well omfg I'll break your whatever thingy. KevThong,(thats what I call him) is my best friend. He's reliable and honest. I know that he'll always be there for me. He's such a good a** friend and I admire that. [: I adore everything about him so YOU better not change it.

Hes such a dumb little asian but oh well. xD Well yeah like i said hes perfect as is, so dont change him. (: Yup, i love you soo much. :3 Lool so yaah I got nothing else to add on. Soo goodbye for now KevThong/Star/Smartass/Loser/Stupid, Haha. heart
~~Rinaaaa [x