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Let me apologize from the start. I'm sorry I don't care about your gender or your species, but I'm calling you dude.

iiCloudz-x | Aries | April 17

Er.. hi?
Well, I'm called Evelin. Like most females on this world I'm short. I also can't introduce myself very well so just talk to me, yeah?

I'm a Korean Mexican. My mother's Mexican genes overpower my father's Korean genes resulting in me having Hispanic brown eyes and hair. No, I don't speak/read Hangul, but I do speak espanol -happy face- (Note: I've been with my mother for most of my life) Read the book Kimchi and Calamari, it's a lot like my life and you'll learn more. (Cept I'm not adopted -stepdad- and I'm part Korean)

If you know me in real life, you're sure to find me in the confines of my room, on my bed, enjoying everything it has to offer.

I like writing stories and you can find me @wattpad under the same username. I also draw, ask me to draw you something sometime.

You're still reading this? Well, thanks, glad to know I intrigue you :3
Oh yeah, leave a comment so I can read about ya' too

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