Taylor Ann Niemisto <3

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Gender: Female


Name: Taylor Ann Niemisto
Relationship Status: In a relationship heart
Age: 14
State: Wisconsin
Town/City: Endeavor
Fav Store: Rue 21
Fav Food: Funyuns
Fav Drink: Monster Energy Drinks
Fav Person Ever: Austin Niemisto
Brothers: 3
Sisters: 3
Sports: Hockey,Snowboarding, Skiing, Skateboarding, and Baseball.
Rapper: Eminem
Idol: Justin Bieber only because he started druming when he was 4 years old and now he is living his dream. He is showing people that they can live their dreams!

My Hero
Brent D. Behnke...October 30, 1977 - March 25, 2006
My uncle, my boss, my brother, my father, my best friend...Brent was a great man...was a trouble child earlier in his life...and changed his life around...had a wife Sylva...2 kids Dylan and Taylor whom are the greatest kids in the world...he loved his family more than anything...he was the greatest person in our family...he was never judgmental...always helpful...he always did everything for someone else before he did stuff for himself...if something happened he blamed himself for it and not the person who did it...Brent was a perfectionist...was very emotional for a man...I could proudly say that Brent was the only one in my family that was even close to being like me...and i am proud to say that he is my Idol...and i love him to death...and miss him so ******** much...i cant help but cry everytime i listen to his song "Goodbye My Lover" - James Blunt but he will always be in our hearts...and when i die i hope he is there to greet me.
By Brandon Raimer

мωααн...♥ ℓღvє
when a girl says your HOT
she's looking at ur body
when a girl says your PRETTY
she's looking at ur face
when a girl says ur BEAUTIFUL
she's looking at your heart

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If you actually came down here...Thank you so much! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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