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Hello all!~// My name is kupkakez! Please feel free to add and random message. I promise I won't bite ;3

I like to draw, watch anime, write, play sports such as tennis and volleyball and play video games. I love listening to music, my favourite artists being Daft Punk and Ronald Jenkees. There is also Deadmau5, of course, and Sepiamusic. I have a lot more favorites, but the list is quite long.[I'm also a super huge fangirl for KPOP, my favorite group being B2ST. I would faint for them...I would.

As far as anime favorites go for me, there's: Sword Art Online, Trinity Blood, Strawberry Panic, Shugo Chara, OHSHC, Blood +(plus), Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai, Akikan!, and a BUNCH more! =D (I love anime >v>)

My video game favorites is a laundry list, just like all the others, but I'll stick with telling you that I'm a super Skyrim nerd for now. Like..."speaking Dovahzul" and "beaten the game 5 times and still play it like it's release night" Skyrim nerd. I also like racing games (Forza) and Dead Space (YUM!).

Fun Fact: I named my XBOX Isaac Clark(e) III. <--Spelled EXACTLY like that.

For food, I simply love to eat and sweets are my bestest friends in the entire-tee world! My favorite dessert would have to be strawberry shortcake...or maybe chocolate marble swirl cheesecake. *drools* Ah and my other most awesome dessert--cake--is rainbow cake!!

If you want to find out anything else about me though feel free to ask!•


this is my profile layout...created by me entirely...so do not steal it, please!!! >(

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