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Okaaii Dumbstiicks Hoees' &' Ninjaaz Turtlez Diickz! Stopp Fromm Wahht Y'all Doinnq, iTs Maa Turnn To Saay Thiis ShiiT" Okaii iM Nott` Heree To Talk Shiit Or Somethinqq FucCked Uhp iqhht.? iF i Did, Then ii Wouldn't Makee a Daamn Hack` ; Anyway's Thee Namee iss Daissy Aka Laady Smileey. iM here Too Talk Boutt Mah babe, &' Thats Isaiahh. Okaii Wahht kahnn i Saay Boutt Hym? Hmm Well ; Foree Starterz He'z Sweet, &. Kinddd Alsoo Funii ` He'"z Funn Too Kickk iTt As Well , . He'z soo amazinqq ' Hee makee Me lauughz &, Smilees ALOT!!! Hee Been There Forr Me iN Thee Lonqestt Timee ; He Knoee,z Wahhts Uhpz Wehnn iM Downn" He`z Maah bestiee . Dontt Fakww Withh Mahh babe' Or imaa Steep Uhp iN Thiis qamee & saay Wahtz Goinqq Down , Hes Mine Andd Alwaays Will bee Minee ' Soo Ladieez FucCkk Thiis Foo iS Takeen By Thiis Girl . :] Hes Thee Onee Whoo i Kahnn Trustt ` Alsoo Thee vatoo Whoo ii kahnn tell Anythinqq Too ;; Wee Maay Havee Ourr Uhpz' & Dowwnz Att Timeez , Buhtt iN Thee Endd . Wee Staay Tightt ' ShYt Hee Thee Maain Reason Whyy i Smilee. He Always Havee Maa bacck. Wehns He's Hurtinqq , Imaa Bee The Girl Who He's Gunaa Staay By , No Matter Wahtt We Wentt Throuqqh. We makee iT Bettah ' ii Havee Verry Maad Amorr Forr Thiss Dude'. He" Thee Smokee To maa Hiqh. He's Maah Strawberry, To Ma Apple Piee Lmao. He'z Maah Pencil Andd iM His Paper , ii Thiink ii Dontt Askk Anythinqq Better Theen Hiim. he iss All ii Need & ' Wannt ; i Lovee Hiim Alott. Likee Hekka Crazii. haha ' hee The Herro ; iM Thee SideeKiick ' If Yhuee Hurt Mee , hee Givees Yhuee aa Warninqq ' Buhtt Doo iTt Againn . He'z Gunaa Hurtt Yhuee . No Joke! Well Imaa Goeez beforee i Saay Moree Shiit Boutt Thiss Boiii! i Lovee Youu Isaiaah<'33 Yourr Maa Everythinqq! Tee Amoo Tanto Mi Amorr ; Con Todo Mii Corazonn' (i Lovee Youu So Much My Lovee , Withh All My Heart) Well iM Outtz. Yhuee Been haccked By Laady Smileey<--- [03.02.011] 10:50' Amm Pceesh Outt Y'all ! I LOVE YOU BAB3! <'3 Yhuree maah Everyythinqq:] -->Laady Smileey<--


Hey!! Welcome to my profile!~

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[2] The answer is LOOK AT 11

[3] Dont get mad LOOK AT 15

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[7] I just wanna say hi

[8] What I wanted to tell you is...THE ANSWER IS ON 14

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My Smileyy Te Amo Tanto Babe ♥