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one trick ahri Report | 03/14/2012 8:01 pm
one trick ahri
D'aww that sucks :c
Hope you can get on soon^^
So how are you lately? c:
one trick ahri Report | 03/13/2012 8:53 pm
one trick ahri
Hey Pandaaa.~ c:
I see you haven't been on lately. :c
Well, anyways changed my name a few months back. eue
From K i t t e L u v e to Your Forgotten Dreams. eue
MyDarkDecember Report | 03/05/2012 6:55 am
wow yu has alot of pandas cool
Panda Symphony Report | 10/29/2011 6:20 pm
Panda Symphony
not too bad, recovering from cold, XD went out to finish hwk today but ended up playing pool and walking around the mall with some friends XD
i got my itouch today tho so that makes me abit more happy, yourself?
Panda Symphony Report | 10/28/2011 5:55 pm
Panda Symphony
woooo ^^
Knight Of Omni Report | 09/16/2011 11:55 pm
Knight Of Omni
i'm just take it from a web ..
sorry i'm forgot the web... sweatdrop
Xeo27 Report | 09/16/2011 7:38 pm
Can you tell me how to post on a profile? Someone just bought some of my stuff.
Xeo27 Report | 09/16/2011 6:39 pm
Yes, yes it would. Thank you for having manners. heart
Xeo27 Report | 09/16/2011 6:21 pm
Your welcome. But why are you thanking me? Not that I don't like being thanked but usually no one ever thanks me.
xX_Roses_Petal_Xx Report | 09/11/2011 7:20 am
that together is like 3 mil

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