Mistress Valentine

Hey Guys, Midnight Here c: My username used to be Yuiri_sasarai & Midnighth0pe
But i got hacked and you see, My [former] Avi Turned into a guy,which i am not
I've been on gaia for 4 years! woohoo ,not a newbie anymore T^T
Oh well, just call me Midnight or Valentine and im 15 :3

i like making things look perfect hoho
im kind of a perfectionist haha
I am reaaaally a coward T^T
Let's say im an Artist c;
But im really messy with my stuff.
I love the internet,cats,drawing and arts.
Im more into classical music
And yes i am a OTAKU. Anime changed my life
i dislike extreme gore..seriously, blood? -.-
it feels like its getting in my nerves.

Well, if you read this part , Goodbye now and thanks for reading
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