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Heck is for people who don't believe in gosh.


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mherie Report | 11/01/2010 11:01 pm
cool avi
MasterOfLazyness Report | 05/12/2010 9:21 am
Its been a very long time since we exchanged greetings. How are you ?
Saykee Report | 09/07/2009 1:46 am
rofl SANK YOO! 4laugh heart
Haha I need to eat lunch soon, but I'm too lazy to make it! blaugh
Saykee Report | 09/07/2009 1:38 am
Lawl, might be true, thanks! 3nodding

It's more of an assignment, we're going to have these "national-exams" later on this year. Or maybe next semester, I'm not sure ^^
Saykee Report | 09/06/2009 1:15 pm
I don't mind at all ^^
Well it's about this girl who accidentally brakes a bunch of expensive drawings (lol I draw too much, even my stories are affected! xd ) and she gets into a lot of trouble because of it. I know, sounds dull. Maybe it is a bit dull but at least better than it sounds x'D
foxxy nine-tails Report | 09/06/2009 12:47 pm
foxxy nine-tails
dont know wat to say but i need gold and want to comment on your profile so hi
Phoenixliv Report | 09/05/2009 9:54 am
hehehe welcome to my friends list!
Saykee Report | 09/03/2009 8:36 am
Hmm that's true! :O Didn't think of that xd

Hihi I hope so! whee Wrote this short story in english class today, it was fun! heart
Saykee Report | 08/30/2009 5:58 am
Hm, why can't you watch movies because of the flu? O_o;

School's pretty good, it's fun to meet everyone again :3 It's a bit tougher than last year though~
Saykee Report | 08/29/2009 2:53 am
I've been great! Forgetting about Gaia completely though, ehe sweatdrop xd
School started a week ago again after the summer vacation, bleh rolleyes How's your summer been?