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this boy right here is amazing<3.
yes, he's younger than me but i don't care. Age doesn't matter. He knows how to make me happy all the time. I never stop smiling when i talk to him. I love everything about him. he's smart, cute, funny, kinda, amazing, just EVERYTHING. Justin is words can even explain him. He's everything and more than i wanted. I could never ask for more. I don't ever wanna lose this boy. he's so amazing i love him oh so very ******** much. <33 I love you baby.

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NummehGummeh, b***h!

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Haii. I'm Dylan.
I be gayy.(:
I was a druggie & an alcohie, then i realized those are justlabels.
I'm Just Me.
nothing more & nothing less of what you expect.
I've lied && been lied to.
I've judged && been judged by.
I've been broken;; i'm only human.
i'm a really nice boy.
i get along with everybody.
i'm learning more and more about life each day.
i hate chocolate, and love gummy bears.
I play the guitar, i'm not that good. I'm still learning.
i'm pretty much a kid still.
I've been through a lot, now focusing on the good things.
I just want to make it through the world, leaving my footprints and make-up stains enough places for people to recognize
I love summer nights when you can sit outside and watch the stars shine and it makes me feel like anything is possible.
i love meeting new people.
so, talk darlings.<3

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This ish my boyfwen<3
He ish uberly amazingg. vewy gawjuss, huh?
i luffers him oh so vewy much.
he makes me vewy happy.<333
i dun know what i would do wif out him being all mine.
i luffers you baybeh!!