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Aye , aye.
Hmph, i`m wonderinq how you found me.
Hehe , well wherever you did. Private messaqe me.
We can secretely talk or.. cyBer. ;P
Ahem.. You know what i`m talkinq about, riqht qirlss?
Let me start off with the introduction & basic shxt.
The name`s Krissy. Krissy Faith Makyle <3
;I`m 16 years of aqe, Livin' in Troy, Michiqan.
It`s summer at the moment; attendinq hiqh school next year: Junior.
B C S S [;
(Trumpets beinq played) ;; I`m a L E S B I A N.
` Oh bby, Lesbianism!
For all those who`ve asked. Yes, yes I definetely am.
And i`m ******** proud of it. It's a secrett, can ya keep itt? ;P
Why should I be you ask? Cause every human beinq is different.
I like qirls, i like their body & quys are a peice of serious losers.
They can`t understand a qirl, only qirls understand qirls.
So, message me ladies. ;DD
We can cyBer, play, & i`ll make you WETT !
Guys you can messaqe me, but we`ll just stay in touch Only.
i'm SINGLE. hit me up : )
. PS; i'm open about me being a lesbian .

& That`s pretty much all of the bullshxt. (:
.. let`s make some pretty darn memories! x3

PS; ask for more picciess. I give naked.


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& i`m ******** proud of it.
..... L E S B I A N I S M <$


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i love you cass<3