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Name: Matthew, Matty, iChibi, Matt hat, Anything you wanna call me, just tell me what it is first.

A little bit about me: I am a bit of a poet, I write alot of love poems though.
I don't post all of my poems on here, for reasons unknown.
I have a couple of websites, Made by me, Edited by me.
I am bisexual, Not gay, and if you have a problem with it, Piss off.
I am just now getting into art, I'll post one of my drawings in my journal.
I fall hard whenever someone breaks up with me, Though currently I'm in love with my girlfriend, Pietra, some of you may know her as "Chibi Pietray."
I love my xbox 360, Normally I'd be on it for 24/7 but the thing is its broken right now.. Anyways, I have a ton more, I could drone on and on, so if you want to know more about me PM me, Or comment me! Oh, By the way, My birthday is September 6th, 1993.

Likes/Loves- Pietra, Xbox 360, Poetry, Love, My hair [Even though I say I hate it], Pietra's hair.

Hates/Despises- Animal cruelty, Global warming, Mean people, My old step dad, People who judge others by the way they look.

F.A.Q.- Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Why is your avatar a girl when you're a boy?
A.Because, I've chosen to take it upon me to be a female avatar because it seems fun, I like to find out who's a pervert and who's not.

Q.Why are you bisexual and not gay?
A. Well, it seems obvious, if I have a girlfriend, that must mean I like girls as well.. Duh!

Q.Are you really 15?
A. No, I just lied and made up my birth date, Of course I'm 15!