Name: You can call me Sable
Pronouns: He/They
Age: 29

Been on Gaia since 2004 with breaks of time between where I wasn't active.
If you see something in my shop and wanna trade or make a different offer, just let me know! I am usually willing to trade for something I have on my wishlist.

I enjoy drawing, reading fanfiction, and playing games in my free time. I primarily read Merlin and Supernatural Fanfiction right now, and as for games, Zelda is my main go-to game, but I also like Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy XIV, Detroit: Become Human, Kingdom Hearts, Sims, and other ones.


- BBC's Merlin
- Anime
- Manga
- Supernatural
- Oceany/Marine Themed Items
- Merfolky Themed Items
- Faerie Stuff
- Rainbow and Pastel Rainbow Themed Items
- Kawaii Aesthetic Themed Items