Song of Ice


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bloominglove15 Report | 08/15/2009 4:22 pm
lol... I can't... it's just stuck there... It'll never go away... sad Even with a better eraser... It's like writhing really hard and trying to erase it but it just leaves a faint mark behind... O3O
bloominglove15 Report | 08/15/2009 4:12 pm
Thanks for the comment on my picture. The smug that you say was on the eye isn't a smug. It was an erase mark that I can't make go away... sweatdrop
HappyHyperHaro Report | 07/15/2009 5:32 pm
Why thank you.
HappyHyperHaro Report | 07/15/2009 4:28 pm
Yeah it's paint and i was able to sell it for some moolah too! Sorry if you don't know who this is, but you commented on my lelouch painting
The Great Black Waltz No3 Report | 07/10/2009 6:42 pm
The Great Black Waltz No3
Oh hey.
Nice profile.
Flames-of-Black-Waltz-No2 Report | 07/09/2009 6:59 am
Haha, thanks!
I'm been doing well actually!
Flames-of-Black-Waltz-No2 Report | 07/09/2009 4:29 am
Dude hey! You made the account!
What's up? =]


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"Why didn't you fall asleep? You should be dead by now."
I am Black Waltz No. 1 of the Black Waltz Trio.



iBlackWaltzNo1's avatar

Birthday: 01/20


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Me and Sealion... in a very realistic form
*bell jingles*

Why didn't you fall asleep? You should be dead by now... oh well. It seems I have failed to kill you. No matter, make yourself home in my blizzard abyss. Perhaps you will collapse within time?

I am Black Waltz No. 1, the eldest and the first of the Black Waltz trio. It seems I am more suitiable here in the dark, icy cold than in the warm sunlight of the land dwellers. And I won't be lonely, I have Sealion to accompany me. My abilities to control over ice and cast wonderful blizzards like you never seen are as easy as I say it. In fact, I'm the one who gives you a snow day in the blistering winter. Although I can't see this for myself; I am very... how do you say it, phyiscally handicapped? My wings are short, I have a hunch back, and I have to use my hands to simply walk... I feel as though I am a peasant at times.

But no matter, my looks do not display on my magic. My finger tips can freeze anything I touch, the can call upon the most deadliest blizzards, I have a three tailed companion that would obey anything I do! Does not matter what you think of me, if I would suggest, you need to start worrying about yourselves. It can get really cold down here in the Ice Cavern... below 0 degrees cold. But enjoy while it lasts... make yourself comfortable and enjoy the nice breeze and if you do feel tired, feel free to close your eyes. Better to die not feeling pain and wrapped in ice than it is any other way.
*jingles bell*

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My pet! My one and only true friend... <3

Artwork that had been done of me
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Enjoy the breeze -|- I hate you both so very much -|- Haha, I float =D -|- Lookin' badass! =3 -|- Brotherly hug... just don't kill me in the end -|- BOO YEAH! -|- Lol, I look so happy ;D -|-

I am Black Waltz Number 1 of the Black Waltz Tribe.
Black Waltz Number 2 -|- Black Waltz Number 3
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You should thank me for all the snow days I gave you! >:C